Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"Who wants to get in this selfie!?"

Dang... this week tho.  Twas a good one but a sad one.  I just found out that Elder Mason from my home town went home for medical reasons, but he's is coming back out, so that’s good. :)  We are destined to be companions one day. Also Sister Holley (other sister in Jakobsberg) has been having some medical issues for these last few transfers and was determined it would be best for her to fly home and get better.  It was sad to see her leave... but we had a fun Sunday and P day with them.  She is awesome and is doing better. She is a rock and will do great things!  Sister Davis then needed a new companion for the time between transfers so we got a new sister in the mission here!  Her name is Sister Matwaychuk and she is from Canada.  Sister Davis and her get along well and is really cool. :) So those were some big changes!  

 Got some P day action with (no longer Elder) but
Kaleb Farnworth! Love that guy!" 
Mall of Scandinavia on P day! Look who is in the backround!! The good old Elder Scott all the way from Gotland!
Some AWESOME things that happened this week is that Kaleb Farnworth came to Sweden to travel around and buy some wedding clothes and some other fun stuff but most importantly, was to visit Elder Blackburn. So we actually spent some P day with him and he took us out to lunch and it was so good to see that guy!  He used to be a missionary in this mission when I was new.  He really helped me at the beginning of my mission and is a real funny guy, and since then we have been way tight friends.  So that was fun. 

We also just had the annual "Viking Volleyball tournament" yesterday so that’s why I’m writing this now.  It was fun! We had several different teams and it was with all the missionaries in the mission but we only played with those that lived in the Stockholm area. The  Gotland Elders came out as well so i got to see Elder Scott!  Also got to see a bunch of other friends.  It was a good time for sure and our mission President and his wife provided tons of food for us.  I also got pretty sun burned haha. (a quick way to get tan again). 

Do you remember Caroline? CAROLINE FROM UPPSALA!  Just went to the temple with her for her first time... and it was also the first time I saw her since I was in Uppsala.  Elder Bailey was able to come as well and it was like the good old times.  We really missed Elder Bentson though... Another time!  It was fun to see her again and talk to her for a bit.  She is having some troubles in her life right now, so any prayers would be awesome. :)  

My companion and I also have been preparing one of our investigators for baptism in two weeks. What is sad is that I can't give too much information about some people we teach or send pictures because it can be very dangerous but things are going well with that :)  He has a very strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, and we have been working with him on his faith in Jesus Christ, because that’s really what all this is about.  How this is His gospel restored to the world today through a prophet…. What is cool is that he is the perfect example of developing a personal testimony. He put the promise to the test in the BOM which says if you read it with a sincere heart and real intent, and ask God if it is true, then He will tell us it is true through the Holy Ghost.  It won’t be something that will just be a little thought, but something you can feel.  And when you feel it.. You will know. When you find out it's true.. it continues to grow in you (if you nurture it) and you will see blessings come forth in your life and it will continue to assure you that is true.  This is true…. All of it is. 

Love you all! 
Temple with Caroline, ELder Bailey, the Uppsala Elders, and one of the coolest member of them all, Evan!
Äldste Blackburn

Viking Volleyball tournament!!!

Checking out my new car on p day #tesla

My bro Elder Baquedano from France

Packing up after the long tournament

Elder Schultz and my companion Elder Dean.

Elder Loertchuer! (spelling? something like that:))

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