Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A busy awesome week!


SO... Not a lot of time right now.. but I’ll make this short and sweet.

Elder Halterman and I eating my favorite food a member made for us <3
This last week was a good week of getting us settled into this transfer.  We taught a lot of good lessons, and people. We even had zone training taught by my old companion Elder Bailey and Elder Weaver.  It was a really good training about developing teaching skills.  Everyone learned some good stuff.  We also had interviews with our mission president and those are always nice.  President and Sister Beckstrand really care and love all the missionaries in Sweden.  They also love the people that live here.  

We went on splits with the Assistants this week, and that was really fun.  I was with Elder Halterman and he is the nicest guy.  A really good missionary and friend.  What was funny is when you go on splits.. You have to switch the phones and the bus cards or car keys and what not. So... that didnt happen haha!  So the assistants drove over to our place and then we switched companions.  Elder Halterman and I went back in the apartment to eat a bit of food, and then realized we didn’t have my companions bus and train card..  so there would be no way to get where we needed to go! So we thought we would call the other guys driving back to their area... and then Elder Halterman (the assistent on splits with me) heard a ringing and realized he still had his phone!  (we had both phones and no bus/train pass) hahaha  So that was fun.  
I totally ran in Hamed on the train!!! (new baptized member on Gotland.. but just moved to Stockholm)

We had to call the office elders and have them come over and give us an extra transportation card and then we gave them the assistants phone so that the other guys could have a phone for the day they were together.  Then the next day was the zone training.  That was a fun adventure for sure. 

Other than that the week went along very smoothly and we saw some miracles.  We are still preparing Senait for baptism and she is doing great!   The last time we taught her we asked what’s the main thing she understands about the Book of Mormon and why we have it.  One of the things she said “It’s just a lot easier to understand than the Bible" haha

The message in both books are the same (testifying of Jesus Christ) and they both are the word of God.  If one truly truly believes in the Bible.. Then they will believe in the Book of Mormon.  If they truly truly believe in the Book of Mormon, then they will believe in the Bible.   Open it, read it and and test it!  Or even if you have, it’s always nice to do it again.  I know its true and will know my whole life, but dont trust me.. find out for yourself.  I promise you will find it to be true if you really want to know. 

Love you all!! 
Äldste Blackburn 

You can see personal study can be hard for my companion.

You like my new ride?
The swedish history museum last p day

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