Monday, August 8, 2016

A racing bike, Temple trip, and the power of obedience!


Elder Bailey at Zone training! 
So this week was another good but busy week full of travel and teaching.  There are so many funny or cool things that happen through the week, I just forget them!  

One thing that made my day was yesterday….  There is a realy cool family in the ward here and the Dad is awesome.  His name is Viktor.  I thought he was just a normal dude that worked and provided for his family... BUT turns out there was more!  When we got to there home... We took off our shoes (as is the custom in Sweden), then I looked right in front of me and hanging on the wall was the most beautiful black full Carbon Specialized S-Works racing bike with the most epic set up a person could have! 

Dinner wih with the Fors family.  Found out the dad loves cycling. When I saw his bike, needless to say I turned into a little girl and was so excited. He even let me test it :)
 As I went up the stairs, I saw all of his medals and such.  I was so excited haha!  The dinner pretty much consisted of the two of us talking about bikes and cycling.  He is a legit racer and shared a lot of cool stories and that makes a good dinner!  He travels around Europe with his bikes and family for different events and races.  So we became quick friends hahaha.  So that was fun! 

We also had our ward temple trip and we went with some new members. That was very cool and a good spiritual experience.  We are also preparing our Persian friend for baptism next Saturday!  We have been meeting with him quite a bit to teach him everything he needs to prepare for baptism.  He is a great example to me for having a desire to know things (and being willing to act on that knowledge).
Ward Temple day and went with some new members!
Carlos is on the bottom and is an awesome member.
We just had a specialized zone training taught by President and Sister Beckstrand, and the Assistents.  It had to do a lot with becoming a "concecrated missionary", and the importance of obedience.  There is the Letter of the Law (following the rules, but not knowing why the rules are there), and the Spirit of the Law (knowing why the rules are there but not following them).  It was stressed on how they can go together and how we can be close to the spirit and know what we need to do.  Coming to know for ourselves why we have the rules and then having the desire to follow them and striving to do our very best. 
For those of you who don't know, we as missionaries have a little book of rules that we follow given directly to us written by the leadership of the church and the first presidency.  We have these to keep us phyicaly, spiritually, and emotionally safe.  A lot of it comes down to sacrifice.  For example movies, we show the Lord that we are willing to sacrifice worldly entertainment for two years because we are focusing on what’s most important….  And we as missionaries only have the opportunity for 2 years or 18 months to follow these rules.  I want to do my best to follow them for sure!

Love you all and have a good week ✌ :)
Äldste Blackburn
We Elders had to prove our grilled cheese
making skills to the sisters. You can
say that they were impressed... 

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