Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The power of Gods love...

We hate each other. :)
Cali Burger for District Lunch. It was actually pretty good! Elder Bailey standing in the middle is from another District. He just had to come a crash the party.
Our new friend that we teach. That sign up top describes him perfectly "Bro"
I know I say every week is a good one but I only say it because its true!  There are good things that happen during the weeks that really can make it great. This last P day, we just walked around in Stockholm in the rain and had some fun doing that.  As the week went on, we had a new guy that we met with.  His name is Natanel and he's from Africa.  He is really cool and wants to learn more about the Book of Mormon.  We set up an appointment and sat down on the grass by a train station and taught him the first lesson.  He is a Christian and wants to get back into things and sees something different with us and wants to learn more.  We when began talking, one point I like to hit on with refugees and people from other countries is how we have a Father in Heaven who loves us so much.  We ask them if they still love there family that live in there home country even though they live far away from each other.  They say yes, and we compare that to how our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ feel about every one of us AND more.  So the lesson went well and we invited him to be baptized on a certain date next month if he reads, prays, meets with us, and then gets an answer.  He said, "why not!" 

Being treated like kings from our African friends making us dinner. Yes those are grapes and cheese on a plate that they gave to us. I tried to get my comp to feed me some but he wouldnt :( ALSO hes wearing lady slippers.
African Spicy Fu Fu! (this weird fluffy potato grain mixture you eat with your hands and meat with a special sauce.. This meet was ox and cow tail) It was spicy!!
We then taught him how to pray and he closed the lesson with a prayer and felt really good after it.  We were then going to leave to go to a party at a (church) members home with a bunch of the new members here in the Jakobsberg ward (congregation).  So we thought... Maybe we could invite him.. So we asked and again he said... "why not!"  We had a great time with him and he became friends with some of the new members, played fun games together, and ate some real American hamburgers.  :)

American Pancake party over at a members house after church! perfect way to break the fast :)
Down in the subway getting ready for our P day morning run!
Stockholm on P day!
One last cool experience I had this last week was with a guy we taught yesterday.  We were in Stockholm two days ago for another ward activity.  After, we stayed in the city and “contacted” (meeting people on  the streets) for a bit.  While splitting up from my companion, I contacted two guys from the Ukraine.  Only one barely spoke English and only enough to to say that he wanted to meet us and wanted to get the Book of Mormon.  He was going to come to church yesterday but there was a problem with the trains so later that night we were trying to meet up and find him.  We called a member here in Jakobsberg who speaks Russian and did a group call with him to find where he was so we could give him the Book of Mormon.  Throughout the day we were texting each other thought google translate, and he was talking about how this is what he has been looking for and that this could be the light at the end of his tunnel.  So we were determined to give him the book.  We found him later in the night, and then called the Russian member and he translated for us for about 5 minutes and taught him more about the Book of Mormon. He is very positive and wants to read it and learn more.  He is going back to his home land on Thursday and it would be awesome if we could refer him to the missionaries there.  We are meeting him today and Wednesday and will teach him with translation.  It's cool that you can even find the gospel on vacation!

Love you all :)
Äldste Blackburn

The city we live in! Its getting darker and darker everyday!

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