Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A week of adventure including pizza! :)


So, This week was full of adventure and fun times.  It started out with a fun time with the missionaries in Stockholm.  We decided to go and do some exploring in a city called Vaxholm.  It’s pretty much an island, with a big castle fortress in the middle of the water and you have to take a boat to get to it.  We all had so much fun exploring and taking awesome pictures.  I took some cool ones with my other camera, and I’ll send those another day.  It was an awesome Castle and a cool experience.  
Just like old times!
After that we continued with the week and went hard!  Some funny/cool things that happened this last week was that there was a man that texted us a while ago wanting to meet us saying that we talked to him on the street a while ago.. And that he has a present for us.. hahaha  So we thought.. Ya its probably a Quran! And believe it or not.. It was!!  We met him and we swapped books.  We gave him a Book of Mormon in Arabic and a chapter to read.  He then gave us a few different books but gave me a Quran!  So thats cool haha. Gotta respect all of the different faiths! 

The last district meeting of this transfer and we wrote a song for our Assistant, Äldste Bradshaw, who is going home soon!
Another funny thing is that there are a lot of drunk people here and they are all hilarious.  So on our way to church yesterday… there was this very drunk and dirty man that came up to us and complimented our ties and was touching them and such.  We were just laughing and slowing trying  to back away haha.  Then he petted my companions cheek!  Every one around us was laughing. Then he left us for a few minutes and then came back and petted my companions cheek again hahaha!  You had to be there... but he was so gone.. We have the Word of Wisdom for reason! 

About to hit up Vaxholm.
A cool spiritual thing that happened this week..  We were on our way home later at night after teaching a lesson, and didnt have the chance to eat dinner yet.  So we were on the train and the girl sitting across from me was talking on the phone about Pizza and then I had the strongest desire to eat pizza!!  She hung up and I asked her where a good pizza place was.  She didn’t really know but I went on to bring up the gospel.  She wasnt really interested, but she gave me the idea of pizza!!  So we went on a hunt for a good place and found one near our apartment.  Went inside and there were two Persian guys working. (I love Persians) So I started to talk to them in the little Persian I know, and then the conversation switched back to Swedish haha and they asked why we are in Sweden. 

We then brought up the gospel and they were very interested, especially one of the guys.  We were teaching the first lesson to them as they were making our pizzas haha. They were so into it.  We sat down and ate our food and then we went back to the counter to give them our plates and we started to teach them again!  We are even meeting one tonight!  It’s cool how the spirit can lead you place…even if it’s just for dinner.  Every opportunity is a teaching opportunity for a missionary! 

Love you all and have a good week! :) 
Äldste Blackburn

Doing some service!

Äldste Weaver, our Zone Leader, on splits here in Jakobsberg eating with one of the coolest families!

My companion has been out on his mission for a year!! So we celebrated by going to mexican food in stockholm for dinner.

Sister Matwaychuks Birthday!!!! :):):)

More Birthday action for Sister Matwaychuk. We wrote a song/rap for her about her home Canada.

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