Monday, September 12, 2016

Mission life...

Our district!!

Sorry guys this one will be extremely short because I’m getting kicked off the computer after some time, and then we are going to an island to check it out and hike around a castle. Fun stuff! 

But one cool thing that happened this last week was with a man from Iraq that I talked to on the street last night.  It was later at night.. right before we were going home but we still had some time to talk to people..  So I saw this guy and went to talk to him.  As we started talking to each other.. more and more I could tell what this man needed to hear and the words I was saying just came out with out thinking.  I really tried to think about him and his needs.  As we continued to talk he expressed how this has been somthing he has been looking for and that he needs more joy, direction, and love in his life.  He felt there was somthing missing.. But I seemed to know that before he said it.  When he said that.. It made me realize that God really does love everyone of his children and wants to give everyone a chance to hear about  and be close to Him.  This contact turned into a 45 minute lesson.  He’s wanting to meet again and to really learn more.  

On splits with the Office Elders. This would make a really good band picture.
I know we as missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ are called by a God to do is work. I see that everyday!
Love you all and have a good week!! 
Äldste Blackburn

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