Monday, July 25, 2016

Becoming something more...

Look who came back to Sweden after
his mission! Kaleb Farnworth!!
Hej hej! 

This week was full of splits (working with other missionaries other than your assigned companion) and fun times!  Not a lot of time today  to write, but I will get to the good stuff that happened.

The first cool thing!  I went on splits with Elder Bailey in Gubbängen.  We went way hard that day and taught some good lessons, talked to a bunch of people and even worked with a person who wants to be baptized!  It was fun to be with him a for a bit and reminisce about old times we had together in Uppsala.  We were so distracted by different things we never even got a picture together! (lame.)  But we should be going to the temple together this Saturday with Caoline. (the awesome girl we taught together in Uppsala) Unfortunately, Elder Bentson (my companion that replaced Elder Bailey) can’t come because he is too far away from Stockholm, but it was us three that taught her!  It makes me really happy that I could have been a part of her baptism, and then go to the temple with her. :) 

Also went on splits with the Assistants (a set of missionaries that are assistants to the President) which was fun.  Did some fun service with them and taught some cool people.  It was also cool to see how the office works.  Our morning work out was awesome too.  Since they have cars, we took advantage of that and used them for our exercise.  We actually drove to a big parking lot, then put the car in neutral and while one person steers, the other person pushes it across the parking lot.  Good work out!  Highly recommended. 
The blessings are real! 
Lunch after church with the Sisters!
District meeting also went well.  A big topic was about getting the most out of church (feeling the spirit, renewal, learning, etc.) and helping the people do the same.  Also a thought I had was about becoming something greater.  During personal studies this last week I have been contemplating on some different things and this phrase came to my mind. "We are destined to become.”  Meaning, God created us so that we can become something great and we need to push ourselves.  It’s something to keep in mind as we start to feel comfortable with what we are doing.  Looking at ourselves we can ask,  'Am I pushing my self?’  'Am I trying to become something greater'? 

Sorry I have gotta cut this short, but love you all and have a good week!
Äldste Blackburn

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