Monday, July 11, 2016

Jakobsberg! Big changes, but always good!

Hej Hej!
The last drive early in the morning... Heading to the boat for the mainland

Gotta keep this one short.. But some cool and big stuff hapened this week.  I am no longer on Gotland Island, but I’m back on the mainland of Sweden in the Stockholm area!  Specifically a city called Jakobsberg.  

Our new friend
The new comp! Elder Dean!
My new companion is Äldste Dean.  It was easy saying goodbye to Äldste Scott because I dont like that guy.. No, just kidding.  I just wanted to say that because I know he will probably read this haha, But I was sad.  He was an awesome companion and we did some great work together and had a lot of fun too.  I know he will continue to do good work on Gotland while he is there.  Äldste Dean is a cool guy!  He is a really good violinist and a swimmer from Washington state.  We have been getting to know each other and working hard together this first week!  
The new District!

We also had a great first district meeting together.  Set some good goals with all the companioships and we are excited for this transfer. :) The companionships in this District are all amazing hard working missionaries as well so thats' a plus!  One new thing as a district leader is I get the opportunity to give interviews to those prepairing for baptism.  We actually had three of those happen this last week!!   AND we are having 3 baptisms this weekend within our district.  What else.... SO much has happened but don’t have much time left on this computer I’m using at the library so I gotta end soon.  Something else cool that happened this week is that Äldste Dean and I commited a guy to baptism on our second day together.  We will be working working with him and some other people they were teaching before I got here this week.  We are also teaching some mew people that we found the last few days.  BUT anywho.. It’s time to go but I love you all and will write more next week.

Älskar er! 
Äldste Blackburn
Emma! One of the coolest members out on Gotland!
Hejdå Gotland! Vi ses igen! <3

Emma's puppy Zombie. The craziest but coolest dog

These are some cool people we got to meet. They love to give us food and ice cream. Brett and Teres!

Hejdå Kajsa!!

Goodbye to Kajsas huge bunny.

Familjen Stålek!

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