Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Good stuff happened this week!


Some good stuff has happened this week!  I’m feeling more settled in to the new area and getting to know people here. 

That's a ship!! 
To start things off, we had an awesome P day!  (Preparation day ~ where we email home, do laundry, shop, and can go to museums and explore the area we are assigned to, etc.) Something cool is that we live about 20 minutes away from the center city of Stockholm by train.  There is a really cool museum called the Vasa Museum.  It holds a huge old Swedish war ship dating back to 1628. It actually sunk on its first departure not too far away from the harbor.  BUT at its time, was to be the greatest war ship of not only Sweden or Scandinavia, but the world!  
The Boys!!!

So the story in short, is that it had design flaws.  It was too top heavy and not wide enough, so it literally tipped over and it was kind of a joke because it was really the Kings fault.  They actually took it out of the water only about 50 years ago and it was a very long process to get it off the bottom of the Baltic sea and into the museum….  But it was awesome to see!  We went with a group who are good friends from the mission and had a great time with them at the museum, like Elder Bailey and such.  

Teng and Na´s Baptism! 
As the week went on, we talked to people, had many lessons with people and even had three baptisms in our District!  That was awesome.  My companion and I had the opportunity to baptize and confirm two people that were baptized in Jakobsberg that were taught by Sisters Davis and Holley.  There names are Teng and Na.  It is a husband and wife from China and will live in Sweden for a year, then move back China where there is a branch near where they live.  They don't really speak English or Swedish, but they love to say..  "Mormons.... good!”  or  "Book of Mormon... good!  Yes!  True!”  Haha  They had a translator while being taught and of course had one during the interview for baptism as well.  They are so strong and have received such a strong testimony of the Gospel and this church.  A great example to me of seeing someone wanting to come closer to God and being willing to test it and see if there is more….  

That’s what it’s all about.  Ask, and you will receive.  Knock and it will be opened to you. That’s a promise! 

Love you all and have a good week!! 
BBQ at the office with the District!
Äldste Blackburn
Don't be fooled by the aporon. The real grill master
here is Elder Adcox. He can make a
mean burger I'll tell you that much.

Having fun in the Vasa museum

These are just little scale models. 

Awesome care package by the one and only
Pam Fowers. Pretty much my second Mom. 

Stockholm is full of rich people and and excotic cars. 

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