Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Transfers! Staying in Uppsala :)


Watch out people of Uppsala..
Äldste Bailey and I comin for you!
This week we got transfer calls and my companion, Äldste Johnson, is getting transferred all the way down to Malmö (lowest city in Sweden).  There were supposed to be a bunch of new missionaries coming in but the missionaries from the United States visas were delayed.  Äldste Bailey in our apartment was supposed to be training one of them but because they are not arriving for 6 more weeks everything changed.  (The NEXT transfer in 6 weeks, there will be 27 new missionaries coming from the MTC in Utah.)

My new companion will be... Äldste Bailey!!!  He’s just moving down the hall and were going to kill it together!  Cant wait!  Äldste Walker, in our apartment, is getting his greenie (newly arrived missionary) that he’s been waiting for since last transfer.  He is an Elder from Canada and he comes in on Tuesday.  Our apartment will be us four minus Äldste Johnson.  The sisters here in Uppsala are staying the same, and My trainer Äldste Stoeltzing, who is still in Boras is going home!  Love that guy!  He has served a good hard two years!

This week we did a lot of finding work and got some new investigators.  We have been teaching more students too. I’m feeling more comfortable now here in Uppsala with things and I think this next transfer will be really good and Äldste Bailey and I will be a power team.

Beautiful Sweden
A cool thing that happened this last week was actually the other day.  I saw a guy holding a Mic stand for a recording microphone and I proceeded on with my musical contacting strategy.  I was then talking straight up music with him and about recording, etc….  "what software" "what mic" "what music?" and so forth.  We quickly became bros.  Got his number and we are going to” jam" AND were going to teach him.  He will hopefully be coming to Family Home Evening tonight with his brother!  So many young people and musicians in this city and it’s awesome!

Another thing I want to share.  We are working with another girl I contacted on the bus last week and she is so cool.  What’s even cooler is that we brought along a girl from the ward to the lesson and now they are good friends!  I just wanted to say that members are super important.  Missionaries come and go, but members are "constant" and they can really fellowship investigators and new members.  Missionaries and the members working together is super important! :) 

This next next transfer will be so cool and we are ready to work hard.  We will also work-out hard and get in shape!  Hope i can get as buff as Äldste Bailey by the end.:):)  I dont think that is possible.. 

Love you all and have a good week! 
Äldste Blackburn

3 Elders and a member of the Ward
Coming with love and a desire to serve!!

Aldste Johnson, Bailey and me


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