Monday, October 12, 2015

If you look, you can find Him...

Old rock marker, marking the
 boundaries between cities.
So this last week was an adventure!  I'll start off by saying that is was really cold this last week and fall has really kicked in to high gear!  All the trees are becoming naked and almost every morning and night it has been below 0 degrees Celsius.  That’s really not super bad but it’s just a wet cold so it pierces through almost everything.  It’s already snowing up north haha.  Also, a crazy thing happened. The Northern lights appeared all throughout Sweden!  Usually never happens, only up North. But there was a big solar storm that hit and I guess they could see the Northern Lights all the way down to the South. Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to see them that night because we were planning our week in our apartment, but we went out the next night that same time but there was nothing. :(  I heard it was cool though haha! 

Gettin' nice and chilly! 
I went on splits up to Gävle and it was awesome.  I went with Äldste Little and he is an elder who served in the Mission Presidents office for a long time. (Lots of experience)  He taught me a lot and we had some fun.  After a few days up there, we had an awesome district meeting at their Chapel.  There is a member (of the church) who is a Kung Foo instructor in that ward to, so after District meeting we had a Kung Foo class!  haha  It was awesome and we learned some awesome fighting techniques that would be perfect for missionary work :):)  Lets just say that once we got back to our apartment in Uppsala... we applied what we had learned on each other and we are still "practicing" with each other ;)

Aldste Bailey and me.
Äldste Johnson and I had some good times this week and some hard times as far as contacting.  Like I have said before, there are a lot of scientists and Atheists here in Uppsala and for some reason they feel like they all need to try and prove to us that God doesn’t exist and this was bothering me.  You can take it either way ~ You can’t prove that God doesn't exist, but these people are stuck on “facts” and not open to spirituality or even searching if there is a God!  They are trying to use there human mental capacity to over rule Gods. FRUSTRATES ME. 

This world.. life.. this universe.. space! ~ Everything is so insane (incredibly vast, detailed, and sophisticated) and there is no way that we can comprehend it!  For me, that makes me more curious and really shows that there is God at the center of it all.   AND what do we have to do?  SEARCH. We need have that open heart and open mind to find out for ourselves if God exists.  If you search for the right reasons I can personally promise you that you WILL find Him.  After a long day of rejection and this frustration, we were heading home and stopped by a big duck pond.  We saw a man feeding the ducks and we went over to contact him and he immediately recognized us.  He then started talking about his love for God and how much he respects us and what we do.  He then went on and stated a scripture. Matthew 10:22 "And ye shall be hated of all men for my name´s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”   The first part really stuck out to me, that as missionaries we are representing Jesus Christ and who cares if people hate us for that.  I just need to do my best to continue on with my purpose by inviting people to Him and if they dont want to, that’s too bad but I´m not going to stick around and chat about it.  I need to find the people who are ready.  This Church is so true and this is the restored Gospel of Christ…. 

Love you all and have a good week!
Äldste Blackburn
Found American Take Out!
Wow... Broke my bass string :( playing hymns too hard I guess...


We found Christ on this guys car! 

Äldste Bailey and I trying to see the northern lights! 

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