Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Busy productive week!

Dome Kyrka
This week was great.  It started off with me going back down to Stockholm for splits with the zone leaders which was awesome!  Worked hard with Äldste Hemmingsen.  Man!  Stockholm was a culture shock!  Super busy and we took these commuter trains everywhere and we were always going through Stockholm Central Station.  People everywhere = contacting paradise.  We came back to Uppsala the next morning for district meeting which was cool too.  I finally went into the Dome Kyrka!  It’s the biggest church in Scandinavia and it is super pretty and old.. REALLY old..  

We also had the chance to help a lady in our ward move back to Utah.  We packed up her piano and brought it to the church and switched it out for the one that is out of tune.  haha.  It was us 4 elders here in uppsala that picked it up and moved it, haha but it sounds good! 

A cool experience I had was earlier this week.  We were out helping with home teaching and then we got a call from the other Elders asking us to swing by one of our less active members birthday party.  He’s super cool. 14 years old and it was just him, his mom (who is less active), and his moms friend (he’s not a member), and the other Elders at the party.  We got there and it was so fun!  Äldste Bailey and I were talking to the mom and her friend and they just opened right up to us ~ Especially her friend.  He was super interested in what we we do and who we are.  They both were pouring out their feelings about God and how He has helped them in there lives.  Äldste Bailey and I then began talking about God and his plan for us and the spirit bacame even stronger.  He felt it and every one in the room felt it.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it.  We invited him to learn more.  The other Elders are planing on meeting with him.  I know that that man was touched by the spirit of truth because I was and most of all I could see it and feel it. 
They have the weirdest sculptures here
I have been reading the book, "Jesus the Christ" lately and read about when Jesus was in the Garden and paid for all of our sins.  If you think about it, that one moment in which Jesus paid for every sin, every trial, every pain and affliction (of you, me, and everyone and anyone who has or ever will live) ... that was satans biggest blow.  Every tool satan had was put on Jesus in that very moment.  That’s insane!  and "if we want to give satan a punch in the mouth, open your mouth and preach!”

Love you all!
Äldste Blackburn

Ward - the congregation in the area you live in 
Home teaching -  visiting and seeing if there are any needs for a member/family of the ward/congregation
Splits - going out for the day with a different companion than your assigned one
Elder = Aldste is Swedish for Elder (which is a missionary)

Getting ready to go for a run in the COLD
Taking a break for a selfie.

Massive Cathidral 

Dome Kyrka


 Dome Kyrka

My companion and me

Splits were fun!

Sweet Ducati in Stockholm with Äldste Hemmingsen

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