Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Alla Helgons Dag! :)


This week was fantastic but long!  Transfer weeks just tend to be long.  It was fun though.  Got to go with Äldste Johnson to say goodbye to a lot of people and investigators.  Very eventful!  We started it off going to do service at a members house.  We tore plant boxes apart and Äldste Baily and I went ham (went 200%) on those things.  We can say they have been completly demolished!  After that we went through their back yard and they had an awesome park where we got some high action pictures on the swings.  Pretty intense. :)

Äldste Walker joining in on the fun.
Saying goodbye to my companion.
He's going to kill in in Malmö
We dropped Äldste Johnson off at the train station on Wednesday…  Then the party started and the power companionship began between Äldste Bailey and me!!  We went hard this week and got a Baptismal date!  That means that one of our investigators just agreed to be baptized on a certain date if she knows our message is true for her self.  The date is the 29th of November and we are teaching here two times a week to get her ready :)  We hope that this will stick!  She is super cool and has an open mind and is willing to search for her self and reads a lot :)  We will let that spirit work on her.  Äldste Bailey is super driven with contacting and talks to everyone!  Awesome missionary.  We also got a new missionary!  Äldste Muirhead from Canada!  He’s really similar to Äldste Walker (his trainer) that’s good.

Another fun thing about this week was that right before sacrament meeting was about to start at church, we got a call saying that the Organist wasn’t going to be there and we needed to play the music.... so Äldste Bailey played the opening song, and I played the Sacrament song and the closing song haha.  That was a first!  Organs are pretty fun actually, but it was weird playing for that many people when they are singing along.  Good times!  Hopefully the last time... :):)

A funny thing that happened this last week that was spiritual as well just happened yesterday actually.  We were on our way to the Cemetery to see all the candles for this Swedish Holiday and we contacted this lady.  It started out really positive and then she snapped.  haha  She was saying how we were wrong about every thing, and how we are going to hell and saying all this weird stuff.  CRAZY  After a while, we realized she knew nothing about what we believe or teach, and that she was some sect of a christian church.  We tried sharing with her but she was just not letting us talk.  She then said she wanted to "pray" for us.  She first prayed for Äldste Bailey by grabbing his hands and was speaking the "gift of tongues" and was really just talking a mix of swedish/english/nonsense….  saying "set him free!" and "save this man!"  She then finished and did the same thing to me but touched my head and was saying the same kind of stuff.  She then finished and asked us how we felt and we both had the same feeling that was so strong that the Holy Ghost was witnessing to us that what we know is true and the knowledge that we have about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  We straight up told her that.  She definitely didn't expect that, but its true!   Testimony builder right there!  There are over 90,000 different Christian faiths out there.  In the Bible it says in Ephesians 4:5, "One Lord, one faith, one baptism."  I have found out for my self that this IS the "one faith" and that we as missionaries invite people to search it out for them selves.  I love this knowledge I have! 

Love you guys! 
Äldste Blackburn
Candles out Alla Helgons Dag at the
cemetery in memory of the dead.

Happy Alla Helgons Dag! :)
Super cool!

Look at all these people out
on this Sunday night to talk to!

More beautiful country side.
Country side sky.

This city is growing on me!

This guy behind me has the right idea
This church is so big! and why
 does the sun set at 4:00?!

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