Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hej Hej! 

The Force is strong here in Sweden
(We got to play with a members light-sabers)
This week was nice and dark!  The sun is setting at about 3:30 now and getting darker every day.   It’s cloudy a good amount of the day too!  It’s actually been warmer this last week because it has been raining a bunch!  I think the hardest thing about it is that we come home for dinner and its pitch black and then we have to go back out in the pitch black.  But its fun!  Just gets hard some days to get the energy haha. 

This week was cool though.  I´ll start off by saying that we got invited to this club by a member that was a presentation of the Mormon religion to students.  He said that it was down in a basement and it kind of sounded sketchy.  haha  This same day we got back from a (missionary) zone training in Stockholm and it was late at night.  We looked for a while trying to find this club.  When we found it we had to go down these stairs that were outside to get into the basement.  There were candles set up out side and a sign out front with the name of our church.  We waited a bit and it still seemed weird…. but we went down and talked to the guy at the front desk.  We saw our member friend that invited us and he then let us in.  There were people drinking beer, coffee, and chilling down there.  Was a super old building!   We were then informed more about what this meeting was and that there was a representative from our church there.  It was a member of the Stake Presidency.  (local church leader)  He was SO happy to see us!  So many people showed up, probably about 25 to 30 people wanting to know what our church believes in and why we, as missionaries are in Sweden.  Elder Bailey and I were like celebrities!  haha  As soon as there was a coffee break, we went to talk to people and we were surrounded.  A lot of interested people and it was cool for them to see a missionary in real life!  We left about 15 Books of Mormon on the table and gave out some cards.  Was a pretty fun experience but we had to leave early to get home on time (mission rules).
An awesome thing that happened earlier this week was when Elder Bailey and I were out street contacting and talking to people. I made eye contact with a man sitting on his bike not moving.  We went over there to talk to him and he immediately recognized us and said that he was once a Mormon and that He hasn’t been to Church in over 10 years.  He was living in a part of Africa that didn’t have one and he has just moved back to Sweden and didnt know that there was a church in our city.  We then talked to him for a while and taught him a brief lesson and got his number, and we are going to try to get him back to church!  He wants to come and is down to meet with us too. There are SO many people in the world and our message is so important for people to hear or be reminded of.  

Love you guys! Peace...
Äldste Blackburn
Cleaning day with the ward preparing
 the church for winter!

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