Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Västerås is the new home!

Got here in safely after leaving on Wednesday morning for my flight and landed at the Arlanda airport.  I had to wait for a train to take to me Stockholm Central, and from there switch trains to get to Västerås  The fun thing was is that I had to wait at the Arlanda airport for a little layover. So I found a nice little bench to sit on, just then I saw a good lookin guy wearing a suite with some suitcases. It was Elder Hainsworth from Skellefteå who was about to actually fly home! But first he had to travel to Stockholm with me to go to the mission home where he would spent his last night in Sweden. SO we had fun waiting together. He was telling me all about how he would be going snowboarding this weekend among other things. 

Time came and we went down to where you catch the trains deep in the ground. We had a special train we would take that would only take about 20 minutes of travel, so we were chilling waiting for this train. What we didnt realize is that we were in a little room that was ahead of where the train stops so we never saw the train stop. We saw it coming to our waiting area and we went out to get on but it just kept going haha! Woops.. So the next train we had to take was not for another 20 minutes and was a 45 minute train ride. (More stops so it takes double the time to get to where you are going.)  I missed my next train as well but it was chill because I got to see all the new missionaries when they arrived at Central station. There is another cyclist that just came to the mission. I forgot his name but he is a stud. Some real good new missionaries. 

But anyways! Västerås is good. It's definitely different than Norrland and its pretty much summer here! No snow when I came but now there is a little bit. The sun is out for much longer as well. I can tell I will really like this area. My new companion, Elder Barnes and I have been working very hard and have some good visions of where we want to see the area go this next transfer. We have taught some really good people on the street this week and have gotten quite a few new phone numbers. We had a Swedish man come to church yesterday that we taught and we he wants to be baptized. We will be meeting him again on Wednesday to talk more about that and to set some goals with him. 

Something very different is that we don’t have a car here. It’s all buses baby! So it’s back to the good old talking to people on buses and trains. Something that has been cool these last several days is that I have had a goal to talk to at least one person on every bus ride and try to teach them. From that, almost every one of those people have received a Book of Mormon and we now have their phone numbers. It’s cool to see the Lords hand in things when you show him you not only have the faith but the willingness to act on that faith. 

Love you all and hope you all have a good week :)

Äldste Blackburn

Pretty little snowflake

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