Monday, February 27, 2017

More snow! :D 
Ey erbody!

This week just flew by but in a good way. We stayed very busy. These last few weeks we have taught and switched numbers with many people on the streets.. and this week we had the opportunity to teach a lot of them. We committed two more people to baptism and we had 5 investigators in church yesterday! :D 

One of our investigators brought her two young children as well. The kids loved church! Something way cool that happened is that the morning of church...  This particular mother that is investigating the church was on her way trying to find where the building was while walking with her two daughters in the snow.. and then one of our other investigators came up to her on the street and realized that they were on the way to the same place! So our other investigator helped the Mother and her two daughters find the church. Was so cool! 

I was surprised when our whole district
could fit on this park bench.
We got a nice little dump of snow and it has been a nice little taste of winter. Some other things that have been great, we have been singing a lot! In church.. a baptism.. and we will be singing a song for the mission tour this week, and then a song at stake conference a few days after that. We will have sung a total of 5 musical numbers by the end of this week from these last two weeks haha. It’s usually Elder Barnes (my comp), me, Elder Duke and Elder Craun. They are the other missionaries here in Västerås. For the mission tour, President Keoron will be coming to our mission this Thursday. Elder Barns, Elder Duke, Elder Baquedano (my last companion in Umeå), and I will be singing a quartet of Praise to the Lord. Should be fun. I will try to get some recordings. But other than that.. We have really built up our teaching pool and have been going hard and working all day! 

I actually had the opportunity to give a talk this Sunday and it was about being Spiritually ambitious. A big take away I got from the preparation is that someone who is "ambitious" is someone who is driven for deeper reasons.. Someone who has an end goal, who puts that goal before there own desires and doesn't do things for personal gain. There is a lot to it but what I thought about is that we have a goal, we know why we are here, and we know what we have to do in this life in the big picture. Now we need to keep our focus and not get thrown off corse. Still smell the roses every once in a while and enjoy the beauties of life. But show God that you are ambitious and he will bless you and guide you.

Love you all, and have a good week :) 
Äldste Blackburn
Two old friends right here. Åsa, a member from Umeå moved down to a city that is next to Västerås for work.. and Sister Matwaychuk that is serving in that city! They came to Västerås for a baptism that they had this week!

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