Monday, February 20, 2017

Spectacular week in Västerås!

Elder Barnes and I enjoying our McDonalds milkshakes on a fine Valentines day. You would be surprised how many people were here. haha.
Hejsan käre vänner :)

This week was actually spectacular on many levels. 

First with something a little fun that happened.. There is an investigator (someone interested in the Church and taking lessons) who is a ice hockey player. He follows hockey rather closely and noticed that there was a free professional match that would be happening that week, so he told us on Sunday and he invited us to go with him and his family! We got permission from our mission President as long as we took time out of our P day the next week.  So all 4 Elders (missionaries in this city) went to this Hockey game with this investigator and his family. Then while there, he called the manager of sales for the team and got a deal to get the new 2017 jerseys for more than half off! He just said that there are four American boys that have never been to a hockey game in Sweden and wanted some Jerseys, which was true! So that was pretty epic and I got a sweet jersey of our home town team in Västerås in remembrance. 

Other than that.. nothing else special happened.. No just kidding, haha we went hard this week and had lessons packed with lessons! On one of the days this last week while we were out talking to people on the street, we taught 7 straight lessons and got 5 phone numbers and set up other times we could meet with people. We have seen the hand of the Lord in our work so much this week. We began teaching another man that we are teaching again today as well, and we set a date to work towards baptism with him. 

Something awesome that happened just yesterday... We were sitting in church for the first meeting and then I looked out the window and saw a tall Swedish older man walking up with a black hat and coat come to the door. I got up to see who it was as my comp and I peeled out of the meeting.. and I recognized him! 

His name is Hans and I talked to him on the bus last week. He was one of those guys I felt like I should really talk to. When we first talked to him on the bus we didn't have time to switch info to contact him but we gave him a card with the church address and meeting times on it. So he came! He loved it and is wanting to start coming to church, specifically this church. He showed up in work pants and he kept saying to me.. "Next week I´m coming in nicer pants! haha” He's really cool and we are excited to work with him. 

But I should get going now! Love ya´ll and have a spectacular week! :)
Äldste Blackburn
My man Elder Craun 

The Örebro Catle

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