Monday, February 13, 2017

So many hidden treasures in this city!

Hej Hej!

Hope everyone had a good week! We had a good week here in Västerås. 

My companion, Elder Barnes
We had some good stuff happen and taught some great people and had some jam packed days of lessons. Two of the people we taught decided they wanted to be baptized next month if they get an answer from God that the message is true. One is a single mom of three children from Africa and the other is a young guy from Afghanistan. We had some awesome spiritual filled lessons this week. 
Elder Craun! Part of the
Västerås crew. He is a newer
missionary and he is a stud.

This city has so many hidden treasures. We got a little snow this week and it has been decently cold! Not necessarily Norrland cold.. But still cold enough for the lakes to freeze solid enough to drive on. The green is starting to pop out more an more and it’s just beautiful! That’s what is awesome about Sweden. You have cities, towns, and villages built in forests. So everywhere you go you can go find some thick brush with beautiful wild life and stunning views. 

I thought I would try
a tree impersonation
with my green jacket.
We had our zone training in Södertälje this last Friday as well. So we got to travel there and be part of the great zone training that Elders Craigan and Lomier taught. 

Other than that it was a great week filled with teaching/finding some cool people. That’s pretty much it for the week that I can think about now but I hope every one has good week and God be with you all! 

Äldste Blackburn

Huge frozen lake with an ice skating track

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