Monday, October 31, 2016

The deep forest, snow, pancakes and a gigantic moose! Who knew??

Hello everybody! 
First things first, I just want to tell a quick story of something that was amazing this last week. So we were driving to a city called Lycksele.  It’s about a 2 hour drive away.  We have a really positive family we are teaching out there and another member family and some more investigators that wanted to meet.  It’s way deep in the middle of nowhere but is so pretty.  That is where some cool Sami stuff is too!  (**The Sami people are like the Native indians with their own language and they are reindeer herders)  Also, it was one of the prettiest drives I have ever seen!  So on the way up we were driving and then saw a shadow move across the street... We looked closer and it was a huge!  And it looked like it had a baby with it.Couldn't tell what it was but there was a turn off on the side of the road and we went to get a closer look before it took off into the deep thick forest.  It was a MASSIVE moose!  And the little thing was not a baby moose... but a wolf!  In the middle of nowhere we got to see a moose being chased by a wolf up a hill leading into the forest!  It was pretty epic. 

Later that day after doing some work and teaching some people there, we were driving back and looked up, and then pulled over for a second because It was the clearest sky I had ever seen in my life.  It felt like I was in space!  The milky way galaxy was so bright and we saw 4 or 5 shooting stars and hen the Northern Lights came out. That was probably one of the coolest days of my mission.. and my life. :) 

10 Swedish pancakes!!!
More cool things happened this week believe it or not!  For District meeting we drove down to Örnsköldsvik. The lunch was one of the best parts.  We went to a Swedish Church center and they have a little cafe in there.  It was 40kr ($4.50) for some Swedish pancakes. I thought that sounded pretty dang good and cheap!  When we got there, I was ordering my pancakes and they asked how many I wanted... I asked, how many can I have and they said, “How ever much you want!" ........ So I got 10 haha. 10 pancakes for 40kr?!?!That’s the best deal ever and they tasted really good but that was a lot of Swedish pancakes haha. 

We had a baptismal interview with one of our investigators, and because he is Persian, he had to get interviewed by our mission president as well.  So President and Sister Beckstrand flew up here and they did the interview and our investigator did awesome!  He is getting baptized this Saturday. That night President and Sister Beckstrand were so desperate to see the Northern lights because Sister Beckstrand has never seen them, even after two and a half years being here!  It’s just never worked out haha.  We had our eyes out for them and as the night went on the lights came out so we told them.  They came to the lake by our house and watched the Northern lights with us.  It was cool to talk and be with them for a little bit, just Elder Jensen and I.

When I moved to Umeå, we started teaching a Swedish girl named Emma who is getting baptized next Saturday as well.  We have also been teaching her boyfriend who is less active and he is now coming back to church!  We are working towards getting them married and to the temple.  They are getting married on the 19th of November.  It’s cool how much can change with people in only 6 weeks!  I feel so blessed this transfer to be a part of so many miracles!  

You can't tell but this is a "halloween" party.
We all switched name tags and clothes.  That's
about as dressed up as we can be as missionaries.
The last cool thing that I just found out last night is that a guy we found in Jakobsberg last transfer is getting baptized this Saturday!  Do you remember the pizza place guy?  He is getting baptized!! :) :) :) That makes me so happy. 

Love you all and have a good week! <3
Äldste Blackburn

Sometimes you jus gotta
take those artsy fartsy pictures.


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