Monday, November 7, 2016

Three feet of snow in a couple days. WOW!!

Hi friends. 

Lets just say that fall has come and gone this last week.  We woke up Tuesday morning and there was a little snow... Then it just kept coming!  The Assistents flew up here to go on splits with us and that’s when it started. We were raking some leaves and then it started to come down hard!  Hard enough to build a snow man 20 minutes later!  
Now thats a snow man

Cleaning the leaves right
before all the snow came
Then next day we took a 3 hour train ride down to a city called Sundvall to go on splits with Elders Adams and Purkey and there was a little snow there; But the next day when we took the train back up.. We were in for a surprise!  We came back to a foot of snow and over these past few days we are at about 3 feet of snow and its only the beginning of November!  We are way excited for what’s coming.  Should be an intense winter. 
Hassans Baptism!
It’s been fun to drive in snow as well (never have driven in snow before).  Even now its coming down pretty heavy.  The forecast doesnt show any slowing down either.  Bring it on!  Might have to break out the cross country skis to get around haha. 

Hassan was confirmed this last Sunday! :)
Other than that.. Hassan got baptized! :)  I got permission from him to post the picture.  He is so happy and we had a young man, Viktor Kohlström, baptize him... and another young man, Simon Carlsson to confirm him.  It went very smooth and Hassan was so happy and was almost glowing with joy on sunday. The same thing with the two young men that baptized and confirmed him.  This will be an experience that they won’t forget.  It’s so cool to see how this gospel can change people and their lives.  

Elder Adams is a stud. On splits with him in Sundsvall
Emma also passed her baptismal interview and is getting baptized this upcoming Saturday and will be get married the Saturday after that! :) Things are going really well with my companion Elder Jensen and I. We get along really well and we just had transfer calls and we staying together another transfer!  We are pretty happy about that.  Other than that.. We found little times to go out and contact people on the street this last week and found some cool people that we will begin teaching. This next week looks promising. 

Now we are taking off to have some fun in the snow!  Maybe have an epic snowball fight or something. 

Love you all! 
Äldste Blackburn

District meeting down with the Sundsvall Distict. Elder Scott is is going home!
It was a good "funeral"

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