Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The power of a changed heart...

The beautiful Norrland Zone.
This week was fun! Started off by me and Elder Jensen flying down to Stockholm on Monday for a leadership training. We got some good stuff to prepare us for the Zone training we were having that next Thursday. So it was way fun to get the training on this years Christmas Initiative!! WHOOT WHOOT! I would advise all of you reading this to check it out on Mormon.org/download  Every year during the holiday season the church comes out with a church video, and this year it’s not just a video.. There is a whole program that goes with it.. And it will be big. Talking world wide! So that’s what the trainings have been focused on. 

We flew home Tuesday and were way pumped about this initiative and spent all day Wednesday putting together our training. The Assistents came up and stayed with us to do some work on Thursday and Friday. The training went really well and everyone is feeling pumped! The weekend came and we were able to get out and do some work (on the streets). 
The weather has been pretty gross lately haha. It decided to warm up just enough so it wouldnt snow.. but just poor down a nasty cold rain/snow mixture which melted pretty much all the snow we had. BUT! It’s getting cold again this week and we should get some more snow. 

We were out and about in the city talking to people on the street with some spare time we had and we stopped this guy from africa. My companion recognized him and he actually had talked to him a few weeks ago and actually got his number then. Just has been busy. That was when I was on splits with some other Elders in the city next to Umeå called Örnsköldsvik so I had not met him. We started talking to him and he said he was just on his way home. We asked if he had some time to sit down right now in a cafe. He said he did, and we sat down with him and got to know him a bit. We then taught him the first lesson and he committed to be baptized this next month! So that was cool! 
Thumbs up for tracting!

Saturday.. Do you remember Josef and Emma? Emma was the one that was baptized last week.. and her boy friend is Josef, who has recently been coming back to church. They had a little wedding on Saturday and it was just us, (missionaries), our branch president and his wife and one other lady from our branch who were invited. We actually played for them "Frid och glädje finns på jord." ("Love at home" in English). Elder Harrison was on the Ukulele while I had my guitar and we all sang. Now they are working towards going to the Temple next year to be sealed! :) 

Lastly.. Emma was also confirmed this last Sunday! I actually had the opportunity to confirm her. :) It was so cool to be a part of that. Seeing the progression of someone is truly a miracle and seeing how much people can change if they want to. It’s not just them, but it’s really their heart (with how cheesy that may sound). Their heart changes and they start to develop a light that every one can see. 

Hope every one has a great week! 

Love you all! 
Äldste Blackburn

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