Monday, October 10, 2016

Beauty, Northern lights, and the blessings of Google maps!

Hello er´body!! 
I’m in Umeå safely!  It’s way colder up here and it’s getting darker everyday.  It’s so pretty here and I saw the Northern lights my first night!  They were so bright and strong with white, purple, and green pulsing through the sky.  The branch up here is amazing and general conference was awesome as well. 

Flying into Stockholm for a training last Monday.
Also... Sorry about the lack of email last week.  My new companion Elder Jenson and I had a training down in Stockholm so we had to fly down Monday morning.  That was trippy being on a plane!  The last time I was on a plane was when I flew to Sweden over a year ago, so when we took off as we left the ground it felt like "this was it” .... leaving Sweden for good because my mission was over.  I didn’t like that at all!  It was a good reminder to continue giving my mission everything I have because I only have a certain amount of time to do it.  
Hey! Back in Stockholm!

There was actually a few fun things that happened during this trip.  When we got to Stockholm Monday, we spent the day there walking around the city.  I got to see some old missionary friends from the last area I was in.  As the day came to an end, Elder Jensen and I made our way to the mission office in a city called Enebyberg.  We had about no charge left on our phone to find our way but we kind of remembered.  We had to take a few different trams and subways.  After getting lost for a bit…. and having to actually stop and charge our phone in a restaurant to get Google Maps. (google is a life saver) we found it.  
Saying goodbye to Elder Bailey for the last time!

The next day, Tuesday was a training called MLC, or MIssion Leadership Council, where we discuss and receive training on what we want to focus on in each Zone for the transfer (next 6 weeks).  We grilled some good burgers and it was a good time!  Elder Jensen and I could then start the preparation for the Zone training which would be on the up coming Friday. 
Second harvest here we come

Tuesday night, we had to fly home and there's this one cool/funny thing that happened this last week.  So were sitting in the airport waiting for our flight, and Elder Jensen recognized a guy sitting a bit a away from us that he used to teach. He decided to go up and walk by him to see if it was him and it was!  They talked for a little bit and then it was time to board the plain.  When we got on the plane we wanted seats not next to each other so we could talk to people.  We ended up in the same row but he was just on the other isle.  Two people came and sat down next to me and they were a young  Swedish couple who ended up being way interested.  They had really good questions, and I ended up teaching them for the full hour flight. ~ Teaching them about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. It was funny because I dont think I will have many opportunities to recite the First Vision and break out my Plan of Salvation pictures on a plane.  BUT during this time, Elder Jensen was talking to everyone around him, and by  the time the flight landed, we said goodbye to about 7 people.  Literally all the people sitting around us haha.
Norrland Zone training!

The next few days were spent on preparation for the training on Friday.  It was focused on Motivation and Accountability.  What is so cool is that this time we are using as missionaries is not our time.  It’s the Lords.  Something that has always hit me, is that the fact that the Restoration is still moving and it’s moving fast.  This work is true and it’s moving at an incredible pace.  We either have to jump on and move with it... or stay and get left behind. There is no in between! 

Love you all och ha det bäst! 
Äldste Blackburn
View from our balcony.

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