Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Good week, but ready to go...

So this week was good!  I got a cold that has been going around and it has been kind of annoying.  Just have been feeling groggy and had a stuffy nose.  Just now starting to feel better tho!  Also my camera stopped working for some reason so I won’t have many pics and the ones that I have are on others cameras haha. 

Me and my companion have been teaching two "investigators" and they are both committed to baptism!  The last few lessons have been awesome because we have gotten good enough to not bring in any notes.  So all we bring is just a book of Mormon and maybe a brochure.  Feels pretty cool to just talk and I'm really starting to recognize the spirit while I'm teaching in Swedish.  At first it was hard because I was really thinking about what I was wanting to say but now it's getting more natural and I can really just listen.  My district has been SYLing alot. "Speak Your Language" and that's a big part of it.  Just our normal conversations will be in Swedish (or at least we try) haha. 

New roomies
Kind of weird to think that I'm getting my flight plans next week for Sweden.  I love the MTC but I can’t wait to get out there, haha. The new Dutch missionaries are pretty cool and my new roommates are pretty chill!  No problems there. Just taking it as it goes. ~ We have been so lucky here at the MTC. 

We had another apostle come and talk to us in our devotional last night!  Elder Christofferson and his wife spoke to us last night and it was awesome.   Again, no teleprompter and they really speak from the heart.  What was really cool is that this last Sunday, we had Janice Kapp Perry for our devotional.  If you don't know who she is, she wrote like all the really popular primary songs that we sing.  What I find interesting is that the the lyrics to her songs were from personal experiences.  She told a story how she got in a car accident with her husband and she messed up her neck really bad and if she laid down she couldn't breath, but the doctors had to lay her down to do some tests. She didn't know what to do and then she heard the words, "pray he is there, speak he is listening, you are his child, his love now surrounds you.” 

Jag alskar detta evangeliet och min fralsare jesus kristus, och jag ar taksamma for min missionskall att tjanna i Sverige. Jag alskar alla dig!

- Aldste Blackburn

(Translation:  I love this Gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ.  I’m thankful for my missionary vocation to serve in Sweden.  I love all of you!)
More silliness

Selfie with new Dutch Sista Stewart-Chester

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