Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Singing in the MTC

This week was awesome.  First, Elder Nielson and I auditioned for a vocal duet this last Thursday accompanied by Elder Murphy.   It was a very cool arrangement of "Praise to The Man."  We had to have it memorized, and we auditioned in front of the MTC Presidents wives and some other people. They loved us and told us that we had a spot and they could use us for something. They would put a letter in our mail boxes to let us know when and where we would performing.  So that day I got two envelopes and one said we will be performing at Mission Conference for fast Sunday!  I was pretty stoked and it went really well.  The whole mission was there (all people at MTC and Presidencies).  We were on the big screens haha.  It was weird singing in front of that many people but I tried something different than what I have always done.  What I used to do to calm me down before a performance was think about all the previous performances I have had and that would kind of work. This time I tried a less self centered way, and prayed that the Lord would help me and that I could share my testimony of this song with the congregation.  It really worked.  When I got up there, I was so relaxed. 

Also got another envelope saying that we will be performing today for the new incoming missionary meetings.  There are almost 700 new missionaries coming in today and it’s two separate meetings so we'll go from one to the other.  So I have that today and we have to be there for sound check at 2:15.  Should be a fun time. So that was really cool.

The food is getting better and I'm feeling better.  The language is getting more intense but I feel like our district is really progressing.  I was released as district leader this week, and it was a really hard decision on who the next would be between my companion... and my companion haha.  Kinda crazy I get my flight plans this Friday!  Almost out!  

At yesterdays devotional we had the General Relief Society President come and speak to us.  She was talking about how we can become better disciples of Christ.  That was pretty neat.  All I have been doing everyday for gym time is running and volleyball.   When I get back, all those volleyball players better watch out!  haha. On P-days we have a big zone soccer game and that's really fun.  I'm loving the letters, packages and dear elders! :)  Makes my day! (Sorry for no pics this week, I don't have the new camera yet.)

Jag kanner bra i MTC, Jag kan kanner den helige anden pa min liv, och jag alska min fralsare, Jesus kristus och hans Forsoning. Jag ar sa taksamma for joseph smith och Momons Bok. Jag vet att Mormons Bok ar Guds ord.

-Aldste Blackburn

(Translation: I feel good in the MTC , I can feel the Holy Ghost in my life, and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and His Atonement. I am so thankful for Joseph Smith and  The Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.)

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