Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lots of Studying!

This week has been packed with a lot of studying but it has been awesome.  I should start off by saying that our first investigator is now one of our teachers!  He came in one day and it was kind of weird but awesome.  We are still teaching him as "Marc" and are now teaching one of our other teachers as well.  We have now taught two lessons back to back yesterday. The language is getting easier to understand but is sometimes difficult because you know what you want to say, but you just don't quite know the words yet.  I have learned if i just listen and open my mouth I will say what the investigator needs to hear.  "Open your mouth and the Lord will give you utterance."  So true. 
District 37-C

​Syster Woolsey is a great white board artist.

​Look who left this week!!! Sister Hollingsworth will be an awesome missionary!
​More model status

So much time to study and I have really learned to appreciate it but also really appreciate gym time haha.  I have encompassed my gym time in distance running and basketball.  There is a track up stairs but it gets kind of boring because 10 laps is a mile, so if I want to run say..... 20 miles.. that's like 200 laps!   You know how much I love running 20 miles. ;)  No.. more like 3 but that's still 30 laps and it just gives me time to space off and think.
​What???? It's actually way easier than it looks.

All of our Netherlands missionaries in our zone left this week and they will do awesome. We are getting a batch of like 14 new missionaries going to that mission today!  Dutch speaking, and guess what?  Me and my companion will no longer be able to enjoy the pleasures of having a room to our self :( but it will be cool at the same time.   Hopefully they are cool.   We'll meet them tonight

So the devotional last night..... We were all super exited when we found out that day that Jeffery Holland was coming to speak to us.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!  The main message that he shared was being obedient... you need the spirit to teach, and to open your mouth or you will be giving into Satans will.  It's tough sometimes because like I said earlier, you don't know how to really say it, or you don't want to sound stupid and that's what Satan wants.   We as missionaries can't just sit back and say nothing.  We are to obey Gods will, teach his children and that this is a way of life and are never to go back to the person we were before.  What is amazing is that he (Elder Holland) doesn't use a teleprompter or anything!  He totally teaches to the audiences' needs and you can tell. 

​P-day selfie at the temple!
The spirit has been so strong these last few days.   Four more weeks!  Crazy seeing all the English speaking missionaries come in and out so fast..  Loving the "dear elder" letters!  Great to here from everybody!   Feel free to email me so i could possibly email you directly :)  And Mattttt! I'm praying for you buddy! Just found out what happened.... Miracles do happen!! Jag alskar min Fader i Himlen och jesus kristus. Jag ar taksamma for hans forsoning.

- Aldste Blackburn


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