Monday, February 1, 2016

Trains, buses and more trains!!

Well this week has been a crazy one and full of travel! 

We are going to Stockholm today to go to the ABBA museum so I might have to keep this one shorter.. haha  BUT man.. It was difficult to get to Stockholm this last week.. We had a conference there for the Stockholm zone and we had our tickets and everything.  You should be able to just take one train straight there, then take this other train that takes you to the church where we would have the conference.  We got a text that morning saying our trains have been cancelled because of a problem with a signal connection.  (This was with all the trains above Stockholm.)   SO! ... We had to figure out a way to get to Stockholm.
Waiting in Gävle to go back home! I swear.. we take so many trains.. 

Train Chaos in Stockholm T Central! So many trains shut down!

In Arlanda Air port trying to figure out how to get back to Uppsala with all of the shut down trains!

Awesome sunrise on P day morning!

This is the Arsenal that we carrying with us every day.

We were able to take another train to a certain spot, then back track with another train, to then get on a bus to take us to Arlanda Airport, where we waited for an hour to get on another bus to Stockholm, where we would then get on another train to take us to the church.  That was a long morning!  I didnt track how long it actually took but we left at about 9:00AM and didn’t get there until 1:00PM and we should have gotten there before 11:00!   haha BUT conference was awesome.  

We then got another text saying our transportation on the way back has been cancelled!  SO! ... We left at around 4:00pm.. had to take a train from the church to Stockholm, then a bus from Stockholm to Arlanda, and then a bus from Arlanda to Uppsala, then I had to go to Gävle for the night and the next day (for splits with the other missionaries) so we then got on another train to Gävle and stepped in there apartment door after 10:00PM…. Traveling is pretty annoying sometimes!  At least I was sitting next to some cool people and was talking most of the way.  So needless to say, we were pretty tired!  I"m tired just writing about it too!  haha

Where did all the snow go?!
Äldste Harrison and I just doing
what we do when were on splits :):)
Other than that, this week has been a little blury because I have been sick haha.  Next week will be better!  Other than that, this week has also gone by super fast!  Weird to think I just have 4 weeks left here in Uppsala..  So were setting some goals (talking to people, teaching lessons, follow up, etc.) to go hard these last few weeks that Äldste Bentson and I are together.  We have been teaching a few people.  One of then is Tim.  He’s super cool and we actually knocked on his door the first transfer I was in Uppsala and he said we could come back.  So Äldste Bentson and I decided we would go swing by and talk with him.  He just let us right in the first time (I might have already talked about this) and we have been teaching him ever since.  He very into analyzing everything but is not against the idea of God or what we believe in.  He is really wanting to know for him self and is reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it!  So we will keep you guys posted on that. :) 

Love you all and have a good week! 
Äldste Blackburn

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