Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Wax figures of the bandmates of ABBA
ABBBBAAAAA! We totally went to the ABBA museum last Monday and is was super weird haha, but it was fun!  We took a train to Stockholm to see it and the tickets were kind of expensive for the museum actually….  but it was worth it. Everyone should do it at least once in their life.  I now know a lot more about ABBA than I really wanted too! haha   So that was fun. 

Icy waters around "Old Stockholm" 
Other than that, Äldse Bentson and I have still been sick and getting over that, so work was a little slower this week. We are both feeling much better now!  THE WEATHER!!  It’s so much sunnier now and it feels SOOO good!  The sun is now rising at about 7:30 am and setting later about 4:30!!  That is still so much more sun then the last few months and makes a big difference!!  Also, it’s warming up a bit so it’s just wet all the time with this gross mix of snow and rain.  We contact (talk to people) a lot on the streets in Sweden.  It’s something that is super effective in Europe so we have a big part of the day dedicated to that.  It almost always comes out that I’m from California and everyone thinks I’m crazy for leaving California to come to this weather haha, but that’s when I bare my testimony and say "I KNOW why I’m here.... “  Always a missionary opportunity! 

Something hilarious that is happening right now is all of the ice in the city because of the rain that freezes over. The funniest thing happened the other day... Äldste Betson and I were leaving our apartment after eating dinner to go out and contact on the street at night. We were walking down this sketchy down hill dirt path with a big layer of ice covering it.  Bentson was walking in front of me, and all of the sudden.. he start sliding, and THEN.. I saw him lose his feet!  He legit flew up into the air and fell hard on his back and slid down the path.  We started busting up laughing so hard while he was laying hopelessly on the ground.  When just then, I started sliding and the same thing happened to me!!  BOOM! …On the ground I went.  I hit the ice so hard and slid down into Äldste Bentson helplessly and laughing so hard.  Maybe you just had to be there to fully appreciate it, but it was a good time!!
Good news! :)  Caroline will be going to the temple on the 20th of February! :) and we will be going too!  Awesome to be here for all this and see the progression.  Kind of crazy that I only have a few weeks left in the city of Uppsala!  It’s been an awesome 6 months :)

A cool spiritual experience that I had this last week was when we were contacting on the way to church.  We were talking to everyone that we saw, and then we noticed this man trying to hide his face and avoid us.  We got him though!  We began talking to him and he quickly said "I'm a member!"  We were taken by surprise because he is a younger college student and we became curious.  We talked for a few minutes then I thought of a guy whose name was Thomas.  He served a short time mission here in Sweden.  (A couple of weeks... They do that here)  He lived in Stockholm and then moved to Uppsala right after his mission to study.  He slowly stopped coming to church and I have never met him, but we have been trying to get in contact since I've been in Uppsala.  He had never responded to our calls/texts, but the cool thing is that this just happened to be THAT Thomas Morley!  He was super cool.  We didn't even bring up the church to him and he just said he was sorry for not getting back to us and he knows he needs to come back to church.  How cool to just run into him while contacting (in a huge city no less??)!  It would have been so easy to just walk past him and not talk to him, but we felt like we needed to!  The next day we texted him saying how awesome it was to meet him and if he needs anything or wants to talk, he can text or call us.  He is just a cool guy and responded similarly.  It made me think about how the Lord puts people in our path every day.  Just little blessings like this are amazing!

Älskar er Ha en bra vecka!
Äldste Blackburn
(Love you all!  Have a nice week!)

May the force be with you!

Mall of Scandinavia

For those of you that don't understand Swedish...
This is a advertsiment for the Swedish Church
for "drop in Baptsims"  haha.

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