Monday, February 22, 2016

Don't underestimate the power of air freshener!!

Tjena Tjena! 

Sledding last P day. Elder Bentsons hair is legit frozen! haha
I have had a another one of those busy weeks!  We did start  off with something awesome.  We totally went sledding!  There is this awesome massive hill by our house so we went sledding with the sisters (missionaries). They all were making fun of me because I’m a "California" boy and have "never sledded before" haha.  Which actually is true.  The only time I go up to the snow is to Snowboard... no wasting time with that sledding business. :)  But it showed... I was pretty bad at sledding haha!  So that was fun.  

Sledding with the crew last Monday!
There were some cool snow storms this week.  We were out in a few of them and that wasn’t as fun, but at least it’s not super dang cold any more.

So... kind of a funny thing happened this week with Elder Bentson and me.  We were at church on Sunday and got a call from this girl saying she is with her school and is wanting to visit our church with some friends to ask us questions for a project that they were doing.  Since I have been here in Uppsala I have done this same thing like four other times. They are all theology students and they have the same typical questions ~  “Why do you believe in this?” "What are the differences of how men and woman are seen in your church?"... and so on.  So we set up an appointment with her for the next week.  We would just show them around the church and then answer their questions.  The day came and we got to the church a little early to make sure everything was good and prepared.  We walked in and it smelled like a rotting fish.  Horrible smell!  We spent a while trying to find it, and finally did!  We threw it out but that didn’t eliminate the smell.  The whole church smelled super bad!  We found some of that "good smell" spray stuff and sprayed that bad boy all around the church.  It smelled like "Sparkling Citrus" by Air Wick.  Very good smell... I recommend it.  BUT ANYWAYS,  We were sitting waiting for them to come and we saw these three girls walk in, and lets just say they were probably expecting two over weight 40 year old dudes, and not an 18 and 21 year old from the USA.  They were pleasantly surprised!  haha,  So we showed them around the church and then sat down to answer their questions and they asked all the typical ones.  We taught them about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration.  We gave them each Books of Mormon and they said they would read them.  We will see how that goes.  It’s always fun teaching young people.  I will miss this place! 

Killin it with Lloyd at the Stockholm Temple for the first time!
De tre kompisar (The three buddies)
We are finally here!
Selfie on selfie
We went to a training in Stockholm for all the missionaries in our Zone.  I sang a song with three other awesome missionaries.  We were there all day and decided to stay in Stockholm for a a few hours after and cut our P-day down a few hours today.  We went and explored Gamla Stockholm (old town), and the city.  Good times!  We then went to Stockholm AGAIN to attend the temple on Saturday.  That was a blast.  First time for me an Elder Bentson in Sweden!  We got to go with our ward and Lloyd.  He is a new member and has one of the strongest testimonies I know!  He’s a real good friend.  He’s going to be moving to study at BYU Idaho next year so watch out ladies!  Caroline was unable to go unfortunately because some things came up, but it’s looking like it will happen soon. :)  

This is my last week with Elder Bentson in Uppsala!  It’s been a good 6 months here and a awesome 12 weeks with elder Bentson. He is an awesome missionary and it has been so cool to see his progress and help him along the way. Stay tuned.. we’re going to go so hard this week.. 

Love you all! 
Äldste Blackburn
Totally ran into Sister Nielson in Västerhaninge
coming home from the Temple! 

Look at this sick rock wall we found! 
The city of Stockholm! 
Cool ice sculptures in Uppsala!
Down in Stockholm T-Banna to take us to Stockholm Central to then take us home!
Walking down the streets of Stockholm
The things we find in Stockholm.
If you havent gotten it.. pretty much every picture with tiny streets is gamla Stockholm haha
Gamla (old) Stockholm

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