Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pigs blood, scary hair cuts, and the Blues Brothers

Blood Pudding (coagulated pig blood) for real!
A Swedish classic dish
Well I have started to do something new to help me remember all the cool\weird things that happen in the week. It can be hard, but now I write it down on a white board so that helps a lot.  I’ll start off by saying that Blood Pudding (coagulated pig blood) was the nastiest thing I have eaten... haha!  We had it at a members house and he gave us A LOT.  Never the less…. good experience right? :)

Hair cut in the basement of a Serbian man

Our investigator Mattias!  We have been meeting with him since I came to Borås and he started out against religion.  We worked with him for a while and he had commited to a baptismal date.  Lately he has been struggling and was wanting to wait for another year.  It got me thinking… What is my purpose?  It is to bring others to Christ… so I was thinking, How could we do that better?... We felt his testimony of Christ was not to strong and that we should focus on that.  So we had a lesson about Christ, and we got another date!   It is about 3 months away but he said we can always move it up.  Christ is really the key to everything.  EVERYTHING!

Hair cut turned out nice! (Was a little scary)

Elder Stoeltzing and I needed hair cuts and we recently found a Serbian immigrant that is interested in the church and the Book of Mormon.  He told us he cuts hair so we scheduled with him.  The day comes and we go over to his apartment and he takes us down into the basement, opens up a closet door.. and there was his office!  haha  He then cut our hair and was talking about the Book of Mormon at the same time. (He used to cut hair in Serbia so he’s pretty good).  It was then my turn and he was cutting my hair with the clippers and the tip fell off!  There was a decently large junk of hair taken off of the back of my head all the way down to the skin!  I was very impressed because he actually fixed it really well by fading into it and such!   So that was fun. 

Thomas teaching me how real blues is played
right before we teach him the gospel
This week we have gotten invited to a lot of things.  Like rock concerts, college partys, (HA HA) even to hike Mount Everest!!!  About Everest.. We were talking to this man from Nepal for a while and he really liked us.  He said after my mission I need to come to his house in Nepal and we will hike Mount Everest! haha  AWESOME.  He has my email so hopefully I will hear from him. haha.

We were walking down the street yesterday, when we waved to a construction worker taking a smoke break.  We continued walking when he yelled at us to come over.  We both came back and he was talking to us in an aggressive manner about religion and how he doesnt believe in God but only Science.  We were just talking to him and being nice and the subject came up about paying for missions.  I said that I actually had done some construction to help pay to come to Sweden!  He was surprised.  He then began to show us around his job site and what they were doing when we saw a poster of a guitar and I asked him if he liked music….  and he said "MUSIC IS MY LIFE"  And then we took it from there and said how Elder Stoeltzing and I are  both musicians too!  So he took us around the corner of the work site into his garage and there was the coolest music studio!! :D He had this crazy homemade gospel blues organ set up with harmonicas built in and he had a bass, guitars, brass instruments, drums…. EVERYTHING!  He was a professional musician!

Crazy homemade organ
We then said that maybe we could teach him (about Gods plan for us), but he wanted to hear us play as well.  So we played and showed him our stuff for a bit…  He was so impressed and said “Ok... Now you can teach me."  haha  We then taught him about God and a little about why we are here (on earth).   After that we all jammed and we got some awesome recordings.  He invited his girlfriend over to hear us and he also wants us to meet his ex-wife who is also a professional musician!  He referred them both to us so we will hopefully be teaching all of them here soon!  He gave us his card and said “If you guys need ANYTHING.. a place to sleep, food, shelter, or anything, you can call at anytime and I will answer!!  You are welcome anytime.”   He defiantly wants us to come back and teach him and play with him some more.  Talents can help you connect with people more than you or I can believe!  I’m just now starting to see that. 

Love you all!  Have a good week!
Äldste Blackburn

Sweden´s finest football team:)
(One of our 
favorite families kids... They love it when we come over)

This is all spray paint!  Borås is so artsy-fartsy

The blues brothers

Splits with the Zone leaders

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