Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Goodbyes, new adventures and tender mercies of the Lord.

We're all going to really miss this guy!
 The conflicting emotions of saying goodbye to Syster Giles  
This week, missionaries got transferred and went home (completed their missions).  We held a "funeral" for Äldste Farnworth at the church and it was super awesome!  We did it before our district meeting and it was full of musical numbers, obituaries, and all that good stuff that funerals have.  We saw him off and he will do awesome back in the states!  

Two other people in our district got transfered.  Syster Giles and Äldste Harrison.  They will both be missed.  Sister Giles is still in our zone so she’s not too far.  We have a new sister here in borås!  Syster Nielson.  She is from Oregon and she is a really good runner, health nut, and really hard working.  She is perfect for Syster Lund!  They are already doing great work together.  

Perks of working in a garden: Free salad and squash
We did some fun service this week.  Did some awesome work in a members garden and got some free salad and veggies.  Also went to another members house and went up on the roof of his horse stable and was sealing nail holes with silicone before winter comes.  This member family is awesome.  The dad is an American and his family made us american pancakes for breakfast with REAL syrup from Walmart!  

Missionary work was good this week too.  We have been going to a city called, Hässleholmen more to contact and tract.  This is more of a "ghettoish" part of town.  It is typically full of immigrants that are willing to listen (if they speak Swedish or English..).  They all have amazing stories of how or why they have immigrated here.  There are wars, fighting, death, religious persecutions that we don’t hear about as much back in the states but a lot of people I have noticed, flee to Sweden to get away from these things.  

Jag älskar min komrat så mycket!
We were in this town the other day contacting two mothers from Syria, and sharing about how families can be together forever and they were so interested!  Then there was a man above us in a balcony that joined in and we started teaching him from his balcony then we noticed there was another lady that was listening.  It was super cool.  This gospel is amazing and not just the hope it brings to people, but the knowledge of these things through reading the book of Mormon and praying about it.  

While being stranded, who says you cant take a sweet picture?
Another awesome experience we had this week was that we had a member dinner about two hours away and there was a transportation error with the buses.  So we ended up in a bad situation, stuck at a bus stop really far from our place and far from the members house.  There wasn’t another bus coming until the next day.  We were talking to our bus driver who was ending his shift to go back to his wife and two daughters about this, when he said..  “I will take you to your friends in my private car."

This man drove all four of us to this members house, out of his way from his family just to help us.  He didn’t want anything in return.  It was awesome because in the car ride we had an awesome conversation with him and he is interested in learning more about the gospel.  

I´m starting to see the tender mercies of the Lord everyday and realizing that he looks out for his missionaries.  He puts opportunities in front of all of us all the time!  We just need to open our eyes and be willing to act. 

Love you all!
Äldste Blackburn
All of us with Syster Giles on her last Sunday in Borås

Trampolines in the park? Yes Please!

Some people say Sweden isnt trashy.. 

Saying goodbye to Syster Giles before she moves to Kungsbacka

Äldste Farnfworths signature pose at the train station taking him Stockholm for his last day in Sweden

Getting some kebab pizza. (Kebab is the best food in this world!!)

The district at Äldste Farnworths "funeral"

Our district is skilled in many things... Ask us to make a pyramid.. We´ll give you a pyramid!

This pretty much describes our friendship (Farnworth and myself)

Bye buddy. I know I will always be in your hands :p
Farnworth's last selfie from inside the train

 Our first thought was "What is this mirror doing here in centrum?" Then we thought "It's so we can reflect on our week."  Then we thought "Our week looks dang good." :):)

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