Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The cold is coming!

Busy streets of Sweden
Now THAT'S an organ! (Trying not to compare to the Mormon Tabernacle) 
Man this week was busy! 

Here in Sweden, they have what they call “Semester" and it’s like a month off from work for everyone.  People take it at different times but most people do it around now.  So the work as been slower lately with people on vacation.  This last week though, despite that, it was really busy!   The Zone leaders came over and did "work overs” (they stay with us and we split up) which was fun.  During these "work overs” I had and awesome experience. My companion and one of the zone leaders went off and did there own lesson and while they did that, we prepared to teach a lesson with the sisters.  When we got to the apartment where we were supposed to teach, they weren't home so we thought, what we could do? ... We thought, “WELL… We all can sing!" (the zone leader I was with is a music Major) SO … We went musical tracting\contacting!  

We went around outside asking people if we could sing a hymn for them in accapella, 4 part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass).  We also knocked on doors and asked if we could sing to them.  We even sang to people out side from there balconies!!  It really brightened peoples day and we got some people that were interested!  So that was fun. 

Our Zone destroys at volleyball.
We got a baptismal date!  Our investigator that we’re working with along with the Sisters has a baptismal date now.  Super excited!  He has progressed so fast this last week!  So proud of him.  He has a testimony of so much!  I heard him pray out loud for the first time and it was so sweet hearing a persons first prayer!  It is a blessing because it is probably one of the most sincere and heart to heart prayers you will hear and the spirit was so strong.  

The team that truly destroys.
This next week should be great!  Beside that, it looks like winter is coming early!  I'm starting get a little taste of the cold rain.  It can be cold, and that’s fine….. but when you have rain WITH a cold wind, then that´s a party!!  Training is going great.  Really spending a lot of time practicing lessons and doing language study.  It’s coming along and I’m about half way through my training now :)  

Love you all! 
Äldste Blackburn

Team Celestial Crew

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