Monday, March 13, 2017

"Awesome Tuesdays", and incredible things happening!

This is a pic from "Awesome Tuesday"
with the David and Ida. Every Tuesday night in
Västerås, we have this which is dinner,
a lesson, and a game. Truly is awesome!

This week was very productive and we taught a lot of good lessons and people. It feels like it’s just going faster and faster.. Kind of crazy! We were blessed this week with many little things.. for example.. It feels like we were led to so many new people that were ready to hear the gospel. By the end of the week, we got 14 new phone numbers which equals 14 new potential people to teach! Each of them feels like it was just divine intervention that we met. 

There was one guy that was a last minute contact on the way home and he is from Syria. Didn’t have much time to talk but switched numbers and gave him a brochure in Arabic and he was like, "I know this, and I have a Book of Mormon!" as he said in broken Swedish. So we gave him our number and he said he would call us in about 20 minutes. On the bus home I got the call and he said he was REALLY interested and that he has been wanting to meet us and talk about it. He was given a Book of Mormon in Arabic a while ago but lost contact with the missionaries and was really happy when we talked to him. We will teach him this next week. Good stuff happening. 
Elder Moulton came to Västerås for some
good old splits with me this last week.
Another fun thing that happened was on our walk to church yesterday. We went early to take care of some things and we were in a hurry. On the way, we passed this Swedish guy and we said hi to him as we passed by and he looked at us like he had talked with us before so we turned around and asked him that. He said, yes many times and that he was just on a walk. We said “Well.. we are on a walk as well! Would you like to walk with us to church so you can check it out?" He said yes! He had never been to our church before so we walked with him and got to know him. When we got to church, Elder Craun and I showed him around and then taught him about the Book of Mormon and we are going to meet him this week. He really liked the church and thought our message sounded interesting. 

There was another time Elder Barnes and I were in the library about to call some people and we walked past this group of guys from Africa. One seemed to know us, so we started talking to him and sat down..  Over a period of time more of his friends came and we found ourselves teaching a group at least 6 guys. They are all very interested in learning about Christianity because they come from a land where they can’t learn about it. We are teaching all of them tomorrow at the library! 
The building with the white pillars is where
we play Innebandy (indoor hockey) every
Saturday morning with the branch
and people we teach.
That’s just a little of the awesome wonders that we experienced this week! Things are still moving forward with the people we are teaching and I´m pumped for this upcoming week and transfer! I will be staying here in Västerås this last transfer with Elder Barnes as my companion. This transfer is a short one as well, so it will be 5 weeks. So start counting down! Well I’m not.. Hasn't even hit me yet haha. 

Love you all and have a good week!
Äldste Blackburn

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