Wednesday, May 25, 2016

STILL tasting and smelling like surströmming!!

Hallå där vänner! 

Så this week has been gross... and full of talking to people, and adventure! 
So, last monday was when I ate surströmming which was horrible, but it had to be done!  No other options!  So after that I felt super sick that night, and for the next few days I had the taste still in my mouth. Good times!  It was a good experience for sure!  The week went on and we had some good lessons set up with some different people we teach, but something has been happening here that is scaring people from becoming a Christian.  I won't talk about it too much, but right now it's a little too dangerous for them to be taught at this point.  SO we are taking it easy with them and staying low key with that.  

The week turned into talking to a bunch of people on the street and finding people that are interested to be taught and learning more about Christ.  Most people we talk to are tourists so it's tough in that aspect here on Gotland because they are just on vacation and don't live here so we do what we can! 

A cool thing happened...  I just heard from my friend in the mission, Äldste Carlson, that he talked to a guy on the street in his area in Sweden who had just been here in Visby and remembered me and my name!  haha   I actually had the opportunity to teach him about the Book of Mormon and give him one, and now he is in contact with missionaries on the mainland!  So it does pays off even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes. :)

The guys teaching me some Persian
We just had transfer calls and Äldste Scott and I were wanting to stay together for another 6 weeks and we are!  6 more weeks on Gotland with Äldste Scott and we are going to really work! 
We have a new guy we are teaching.  His name is Abdel and he is only 17 and is from Africa.  He speaks French and Swedish and is a real cool dude.  He has been alone for 9 years moving around trying to find peace and a good life while his family is still in Africa with a war going on. 
We also had some fun with some new members and there families this last Saturday.  We drove up to Fårö for a branch activity of sorts for part of the day.  It was really fun and they all enjoyed it.  We left a good spiritual message with them and played general conference in Persian during the car ride haha. That was the second time I have been to Fårö and it is so pretty and so secluded.  The massive rocks and cliffs are awesome!

Then on Sunday I spoke in Sacrament meeting, and I talked about how each and every one of us are children of God, and how that is and should be our first identity.  I used the talk by Elder Donal Hallstrom from this last conference.  I thought it was really cool because he talks about how that belief is something we just accept in the church, but maybe not think about it as much as we need to.  If we really think about what that means and understand the potential that we have, as well as the help available for us, we would be so strong in times of trials and receive more guidance and love from Him .... just like a parent here on Earth. 

I'm going to take off now!  Have a good week everyone!
Äldste Blackburn 

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