Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in Sweden!


A lot happened this week!  I’ll start off by saying that there is snow again!  Super pretty, but before that we had Christmas haha. ~ Was kind of weird because there was NO SNOW for Christmas!  Super crazy, but it’s coming now! 

Uppsala crew watching the sun rise
on Christmas Eve morning (around 9am) 
Watching the sunrise Christmas Eve Morning
with the missionaries in Uppsala.
Christmas presents!!!
Mom and Family :)
As missionaries here, we had a few days off for Christmas from work so we did several things!  First we woke up, went to Gamla Uppsala to watch the sunrise while sitting on top of Viking burial mounds.  It was pretty epic and was super pretty!  Late that day we got invited to a members to eat and play games! Christmas day, we went to another families house to eat, play games, skype our families.  Later that night we watched Disney movies at their house!  Was a party indeed. :)  It was super cool to see my family and talk to them!  I haven't talked to them in about 7 months!  So that was a blast.  Got some cool gifts and felt the love!
Dad and Family :)

Yesterday (Sunday) was pretty cool too.  It was actually was my first time giving a FULL talk in Swedish at church!  (Given my “testimony" several times, but not a full talk)  It was actually pretty easy and I feel like I can express myself better now!  Feels great.  I think that is the toughest thing for me is not being able to share all of my feelings and express my self all the way in Swedish, but it really is so much better and is coming along!

Christmas Caroling/contacting with
missionaries in our District!
We also did a fun thing with our district!  We got together with all the missionaries in our city, gathered together in Uppsala and caroled in town while some were contacting and talking to people.  It was actually pretty effective.  We think we will be in the paper too, because the news guy was taking pictures of us haha.  Talked to about 150 people in about an hour and a half!  haha  We left them with Cards and candy canes until we ran out of candy canes then we just left them with cards.  We still have New Years left and we are excited for that.  We will be working hard until then though!  Not as much time to write today so I’m going to have to end it kind of early, but I love every body! 

God Jul (Merry Christmas)! and have a happy New Year! :) :)
Äldste Blackburn
Forest in our backyard.

Sunday before Christmas with the Uppsala crew!
Companionship unity!

Jul dag med Familijen Holmdah!
(Christmas Day with the Holmdahls!) :)

Finally snow again!

Sweet selfie watching the Sunrise!
Day after Christmas lunch with our
member friend Lennart!
"Draw me Jack"

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