Monday, December 19, 2016

A beautiful time of year!

Bonjour! oui oui. 

So transfers happened this week and it was killer! Elder Baquedano got up here safely and we hit the ground running together. We are so excited to be companions! He is such a stud.
He is from France, and can also speak Spanish and studied Chinese in college for three years. Our first day together we talked to French people and a Chinese person. It’s cool to have a companion that can speak some other languages as well. Opens up opportunities for sure. He has been in Stockholm for his whole mission so he was so pumped to find out he was coming up to Norrland.. I am way excited to see the work we will do this transfer. 
Our first day together we taught a lesson to a man and committed him to baptism on January 21st. 

It's Rudolf!
The sun is going down at about 1:30 but it’s all good! We are feeling energized and are pumped for Christmas this weekend. More up dates. The new sister companionship has gotten here safely to Umeå. They are Sisters Wagner and Eriksson. Sister Eriksson is from the south of Sweden and this has been the first week on her mission. She is killing it and it’s fun to have a native Swede in the area to help us with the language and such. 

Time to hunt some reindeer.
(These are just air soft guns by the way, haha)
Not tons of time but Elder Baquedano and I had a cool experience this last Saturday. We were on our way back from playing Innebandy (indoor hockey) last Saturday and I felt that we should swing by and see this guy that we were we used to work with a little. The feeling actually was very strong. We were still sweaty and in our sports clothes but we decided to go with the feeling, because that’s one thing I have been working on is acting on impressions right when I get them. So we stopped by and he wasn’t home. At least he didn’t answered. We tried a few times.. then right when we were turning back to the car his neighbor across the path opened his door to smoke a cigarette.  We felt we should talk to him so we went over there in our sports clothes to show him the Christmas video our church came out with this year.

He was down to watch it, and then we taught him at his door about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. He really wanted a book and we swung by the next morning to give him one before church. He couldn't come to church that day because he already had plans but we will meet him this week to teach him more about it. 

It’s an awesome experience knowing that you are in the right place at the right time. 

Love you all and have a good Christmas! 
Äldste Blackburn

Got to watch Lucia this last Tuesday with our Branch President and his family.

Elder Baquedano made it here alive.

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