Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hej vänner! Jag har haft annan stor vecka

Tjena kompisar! 

This week was another one of those crazy travel weeks here for us.  Pretty much consisted of an awesome P day, travel to Stockholm to a conference, travel back to Gotland, and then going ham with talking to people and finding new people to teach!  

To start this off, we had one heck of a P day on Monday!  My companion and I traveled with President Madden and went to the South part of Gotland Island to do some exploration.  It is full of super old viking ruins, big cliffs, and beautiful surf.  Also with an added factor of crazy wind!  There are so many hidden treasures here on this island... and that is actually true!  I’m talking about discovering so many little things that you just learn about every day.  You can literally go into any Forrest and see a bunch of Viking ruins that have been almost untouched or not well known.  SO that was a fun adventure! 
Super old Viking boat grave
We had to take the boat to the mainland on Tuesday.  We slept at some other missionaries apartment and then went to a conference the next morning.  After the conference Äldste Scott and me split up and we went and worked with the zone leaders. Fun day!  Then we took the late boat and got back to Gotland after midnight.  Traveling like that really takes a tole on our work for the week because we were gone for a few days.  So Äldste Scott and I decided that our focus the last half of he week would be on rebuilding our teaching pool and we spent most of our time finding and talking to people.  We have several new people that are interested and that we are teaching now!  This place is tough for that though....  
Playing some dudes guitar that we talked to on on the street
The people here are mostly tourists, or old Swedish people that hate church. haha  BUT, this last week was different!  We found some good people and we are excited to see where it goes.  You get the funniest people and stories talking to people on the street. You talk to people on drugs, or other illegal substances and all that fun stuff!  There was this one lady that I was about to talk to. I had a Book of Mormon in my hand and was about to open my mouth to talk to her.  She then looked at me with so much energy and a squeeled "Ohhhhhh!!! I will take the book!!" and grabbed it out of my hand and was starting to walk away!  She just wasn’t 'all there' haha, but we talked with her for a little bit and we left her with a Book of Mormon.  Fun time!
That was pretty much this week in a nuthell. Next weekened is a special holiday here in Sweden and its called Valborg. It’s actually the weekend of Stake conference which we will be going to as well!  I will be singing with three other missionaries at the meeting, so I’m pumped for that as well. 

Love you all and hope you have a good week!
Äldste Blackburn

Hey do you want to here the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ little buddy?

Ya.. thats what I thought.. 
I heard this hand carved cross goes all the way back to 800 AD. This right here is one of the oldest church on Gotland that is still standing.

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